Kreta-Inside - Contact is our idea. We are Samira , Nikos and Jannis and we have designed this internet site which is a one stop shop for all the restaurants hotels and resorts in Southern Crete.

Why here? We believe that this area of Crete (from Mires to Matala and its surroundings) is the most beautiful and interesting of the whole island. Why else would we live here !!

What's the point of this site? We think that there should be a site, so that everyone who wishes to visit the area, can have a look around, pick their resort and find information about what to see without having to rely on the normal sparse information given in brochures.

How does it work? Easily: anyone who is already the owner of a homepage will be linked to this site, and anyone who doesn't will have one produced by us (incl. photos)

That means: If you are planning your next holidays in Southern Crete you can look from the comfort of your home and get all the information you need about the offers available and you can make your reservation using the contact addresses. If you prefer to make your reservation in person use our site to get the general idea.

Logic: This is a commercial site and unfortunately we are not able to give guarantees for any other web sites that establish a link to this site. But we can confirm that it is wonderful here. We know the owners of all the establishments personally, we bring our own friends and family here and we have never yet had a complaint. is still in its infancy so please be patient with us. Anyone wishing to contact us can do so at kreta-inside is designed by:

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